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    My belt broke, can I send it in for warranty?

    We generally assess this case by case and rarely will ask you to send it in. Head over to our contact form to place a Warranty Request with some information about the issue. Once we have determined that a warranty is needed, we will send out a replacement belt. If we no longer have the style available, you can choose from the line for a belt of equivalent value. Unfortunately we can not process a warranty claim for a product purchased outside of Australia.

    How long does it take?

    We do our best to respond to each warranty request in a timely manner.  Properly filling out the contact form helps speed up the process. 

    What is covered?

    Any manufactures defect will be covered. This includes failures in stitching and buckles.

    Whats not covered?

    While we want you to be stoked there are just some things that don't fall under warranty. Destruction via pets and children are not covered. Losing your belt is not a warranty issue. Your brother or dad stole your belt? Again not covered.